Biofuels are taking an increasingly important role in America’s energy mix. Both traditional ethanol and more advanced biofuels like biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol are finding greater demand for their use. With increased demand for biofuels come opportunities for increased profits from environmental assets.

Project Development Risk Management
Asset Value Financing
Rin Reporting

Asset Value

• Evaluation and guarantee of RIN and Carbon value for specific biofuel

Biofuel RIN credits associated with production have fluctuating values based on supply-demand dynamics. Placing a fixed value on RINs that producers can rely upon allows operators to concentrate on day-to-day manufacture of fuel.

Carbon credit generation from biofuel production has value in the marketplace under current regulations and can be an additional revenue source for producers. Capturing and monetizing this value requires knowledge of carbon market rules and structure.

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RIN Reporting

• RIN Monitor web-based software for RIN management

• RIN reporting compliance & annual auditing service

Carbon Solutions Group provides a one-stop solution for RIN generation, tracking and reporting. RIN Monitor is user friendly web-based software for all our clients’ RIN management needs. Create and track RINs during fuel generation through fuel sales as well as separate RIN-only sales. RIN Monitor allows any operation to properly document RINs for monthly, quarterly and annual compliance reporting. CSG also provides annual year-end RIN auditing services for our advisory clients.

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Margin Management

• Biofuel production margin management

• RIN price risk management & forward curve analysis

• RIN transaction brokerage

Biodiesel producers looking for more price certainty with operations now have an option to lock in their production margins. Carbon Solutions Group is offering price hedging strategies for biodiesel production from waste oil and fats.

Locking in production margins can be the key to profitable operations. Carbon Solutions Group is offering a biodiesel production hedge that locks in the price of WVO and/or animal fats based on the USDA or Jacobsen Price guide in the region along with a fixed price for biodiesel sales. This financial risk contract would compliment your existing physical supply chain and would not require a change in counterparties. Producers would continue to buy oils and fats from their existing sources and continue to sell biodiesel to current customers.

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• Biofuel project financing through existing assets

Expanded biofuel assets offer opportunities for producers to create additional financing from upfront sales. Structured transactions using existing biofuel assets can offer timely revenue for production facilities. Physical biofuel, RIN credits or carbon value can be monetized in advance of fuel production to assist with current obligations.

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